Maybe the pandemic stole your adolescence. Or stalled your studies. Or sabotaged the first years of your career. Don’t let it take your mental health too.

It feels like everything is going up: the cost of housing, the cost of living, your student debt. Global temperatures. Your anxiety and your depression.

The alcohol and cannabis you thought would help only make it worse. Something’s gotta give. You can’t afford a therapist. If you had insurance from your parents’ work, that’s run out. If you’re in crisis, the ER is the only game in town. But your mental health is not a game.

You’re even more likely to be suffering if you’re Black, Indigenous or a person of colour, and finding mental health care is even harder for you. This is also true if you’re an immigrant or a refugee, if you’re 2SLGBTQ+ or you have a disability.

There’s only one door left to knock on. Justin Trudeau and his government could change this.

If we all DM the PM, he’ll get the message. Even if his phone’s on silent. Flood his inbox. Sign your name.

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